Transferring to another branch. Advice please?

  1. I am moving to another town that has a few branches of an LTAC chain where I currently work. By the time I move, I will have worked nearly 5 months at my current location. Any advice on asking for a transfer? Should I contact the other locations first, or should I tell my current boss? There might be a policy of, "You have to work with us 6 months before you transfer," but I'm hoping that the employers at the other locations will be happy to hire someone who won't need a long orientation. Wish me luck. I'm starting school right after I move, and it would be much less stress to have to learn a whole new company's systems.
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  3. by   mamamerlee
    First check your employee handbook about transfer policies. Moving to another town is not quite the same as transferring to another unit in the same facility. When you know which town you will be going to, have an informal chat with your immediate supervisor. It's an appropriate curtesy, and you will need her assistance/recommendation.
    Best wishes!