transfer anxiety? need advice please.

  1. Hello,

    I am a (not so) new RN. I graduated Dec 2006, got my license Jan 2007 and got my first job March 2007. I still work there, so I'm coming up on 1 year, and I'm feeling kind of blah. I work nights on a busy tele/cardiac unit, I have 7 patients, occasionally some of whom I would SWEAR should be in CCU... and I'm getting oh-so-worn out by the job. I need a change. When I was hired, I made it clear in the interview that my goal was the ED. The nurse manager was and is very understanding, stating at the time that "many" nurses start on our floor and end up in critical care or ED, etc. It is HR policy that you must hold a position for 1 year before transferring (plus I *know* I've gained a lot of experience here). So, this all sounds okay so far, but there's one thing getting in my way: my own anxiety and self-doubt.

    I really want to apply and start in the ED, but I am so afraid. What if they say no? What if I can't handle it? I have always been easily discouraged and put off, but I really want this. I almost feel like i would be relieved in some tiny way if they said "no", like it wouldnt be my fault. Is it normal to feel like I need a change so soon? There are people who have worked on my floor for like, 20 years. I also have issues with feeling 'young', like I should be more subordinate or something, and like I'm back in high school and I'm not an equal. I know I should get over it, but it's hard.

    Thanks for reading my huge post. Any advice is greatly appreciated.:spin:

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  3. by   ebear
    Patty, what you are feeling is entirely normal and telemetry is a difficult area to work, from what I understand. Go ahead and put in your request for ER. If that's where you should be, it will work out for you. You won't be expected to know it all when you first go there! Everyone feels this way (apprehensive) about a new area. You're OK. Go for it! ... and good luck, Sweetie!
  4. by   GYPSY1349
    patty, it sounds like you just haven't found your "niche" gentle and kind to really haven't been a nurse for so long that you could feel completely comfortable in any setting.

    i know that changing areas seems like it might make things better, and sometimes it does, however, keep in mind that the er requires being able to manage a wide variety of patients and conditions, and often very quickly, as in life and death situations. if you truly feel you are ready for a change, go for it...but as the saying goes, don't jump from the frying pan into the fire!

    god bless and good luck with whatever decision you make. sometimes we just have to take a leap of faith, and go for it...other times, it's best to really consider our skills and our needs for a little while, so that we can make the very best decisions for ourselves. heartbeat
  5. by   TheCommuter
    If you're feeling worn-out by your current job, you definitely need a change of scenery. You can change the scenery by transferring units, or by finding another place of employment. Either way, no job is worth it if you lose your physical health and emotional well-being by continuing to work there.

    I currently work on a busy rehab unit, and next month will be my 2 year anniversary of employment there. This weekend, the unit had 34 postsurgical rehab patients being cared for by myself and 1 other nurse. I feel physically sick and emotionally drained at the mere thought of walking onto this unit for work. Even though the pay is competitive, I plan to change the scenery really soon by finding another job that won't wear me down prematurely.

    Take care of yourself, because the workplace surely will not.