1. Where can I find information about tpn complications and illustations or material to teach this subject?
    Any sujections on a clever or interesting way to present this topic.
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  3. by   brissygal
    Hi beanca38,

    I think a good start would be to check out some databases - CINAHL, not sure if Pubmed central is another. Type in Total parental nutrition and narrow your seach to what you are specifically looking for.

    I am sure you can access these databases through the hospital library or contact pharmacy at the hospital.

    Or go into nursing bookshop or state library...whatever and look at GI section - bound to find great sources.

    I am out of country but that is where I would start.

  4. by   iluvivt
    Order or locate The Manual of IV Therapeutics by Lynn Diane Philips the 4th edition, they have a wonderful chapter on TPN. There is a table in the chapter listing all the complications by these categories....Mechanical/Technical ....Metabolic....Infection and Nutritional Alterations. The table is on page 743. Also go to your local bookstore and you will find an IV therapy text. A good one will have an entire chapter on the subject. I will mail you a photocopy of the chapter if you like...send private message if interested.
  5. by   BinkieRN
    total parenteral nutrition

    this is a powerpoint presentation perfect for teaching and can be customized.
    if you google total parenteral nutrition you'll find loads of good information including a nice tpn calculator.

    best of luck!
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