topic suggestions for a seminar

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    hello fellow nurses.

    in the company im currently connected, we do monthly seminars/ updates.
    im on my 5th year now in this institution, and believe me when i say that i have ran out of topics to discuss.

    help! any suggestions?

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  3. by   sugarloaf98
    Spirituality in Nursing
  4. by   danielleradaza
    Quote from sugarloaf98
    Spirituality in Nursing

    thank you!

    i think thats a great idea!

    who or what institution should i tap in to to get me more infos on this (if u dont mind)
  5. by   sugarloaf98
    This link might give you some ideas

    also, The Australian Catholic University has a unit as part of their nursing degree, I'll try and find a link for you
  6. by   danielleradaza
    thank you!

    its so nice of you to make extra efforts just to help a stranger!

    thank you!
  7. by   sugarloaf98
    Here's a link to a paper by Professor Susan Ronaldson "Nursing -A Caring Spirituality"
    Hope that helps!
  8. by   sugarloaf98
    No problem....good luck
    Would love to hear how you go.
  9. by   casi
    What is your target audience? And what kind of seminars have you done in the past?
  10. by   CaLLaCoDe
    Violence at the workplace and how to cope.

    Invite an unarmed security guard to this inservice, seminar ;-)
  11. by   cute_ko_125
    hello!! can u pls also help me... plz give me seminar topics for student nurses.. thank you...
  12. by   mama_d
    Current issues in end of life care and code status. One of the more frustrating aspects of my job and that doesn't get the attention it needs IMO.