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10. On a surgical intermediate floor would it be too too much to ask to have working vital sign equipment? I can do a manual blood pressure, but come on, how do you want me to get a temp?!!! 9. Me,... Read More

  1. by   Ginger35
    Okay - I'll take a stab in describing Press Ganey.

    Press Ganey is a consulting group that many hospitals use for assessing patient satisfaction of services / care. It usually has some sort of questionare that has a measurement scale (commonly called a likert scale) - say 1-5. "1" meaning say poor services / dissatisfied and "5" meaning excellent services. These numbers are statistically analyzed and and interpretations of the statistical analysis are given back to the hospital to explain what all the numbers mean.

    There are also narrative areas in these surveys for patients to further elaborate on their experiences. - Some are praises of the services and others are "put downs" and "bad mouthing".
  2. by   gerry79
    1. I won the powerball lotto!
    2. I am now a millionaire!
    3. I now make as much per month as the hospital CEO makes in a year!
    4. Did I forget to metion that I am now rich!
    5. Now I get to do what I want to do!
    6. I now have great hours
    7. No weekends or holidays
    8. Short commute from my bedroom to my spacious family room
    9. I am the boss
    10. No call bells to answer. The only call bell answered is by my butler!!!!!!!!!
  3. by   2real
    do tell...what is your new job that you now love??

    Quote from nremt-p/rn
    10. full up with zero respect. heck, i'd even lost respect for myself for having put up with so little respect from others!

    9. needed to pee at least every 12 hours! could not hold it any longer!

    8. decided that caring for 6 - 10 really sick patients at one time, put my very existence at risk!

    7. tired of being called a mf! as a paramedic - i'd kinda roll with the 3xmf rule. say it three times and i'll assess you as hypoxic and in need of more oxygen! the kind that must be delivered by ett (and it split the vocal cords and eliminated the mf problem! - kidding...kinda). as a nurse, there was no way to limit the number of times a patient/family/visitor/anyone could call me one!

    6. exhausted with all the "backbiting, politics, pettiness, dumping" that gets heaped on the nurse. sometimes, even other nurses are the offenders!

    5. doctors! (well, some of 'em!)

    4. no clocks! (the designer of the ed did not like the way they broke up the flow of the colors) that is why a 12 hour shift always lasted at least 14 - nah, the clocks were not the problem...the problem is the problem! too much to do in too short of a time to do it! :smackingf

    3. finally, i was able to accept that if i wanted to be lied to and manipulated - i could get that at home! and then the "topic" would be limited. there seems to be no limit on the number of ways i've been lied to or manipulated since i started nursing!

    2. professionally, i had tired of getting the a** end of everything!. i rarely even took care of anyone that was in need of my expertise. most in the ed's are not sick in the emergency sense. i spent most of my time kissing a**, keeping my a** out of trouble, wiping a**, saving the doctor's a** - well, i'm sure you get the idea!

    1. my job now is awesome! it brought me out of "retirement". i had been home (unemployed!) for 4 months! now!! i am very respected. i am employed for what i know and the fact that i can do the job - whatever it is - whatever it takes!!! i care for 1 or 2 patients at any one time, with the best team in the world! we take care of/and care for our patients, ourselves and each other! i am challenged everyday to be my best (and i return the favor!), by the other fabulous members of the team - that keeps the team strong! i am treated as a colleague by others - including doctors (most are very glad to see us hit the doors)! i am both excited and humbled by the challenges that i have before me everyday!

    it may be a bit premature to note that my faith has been restored, but my soul does not feel depleted anymore! so to all that are "searching", keep it up and be certain that the universe does send you only what you will accept.

    change your mind and then you can change your life!