top 10 nanda labels for nursing students

  1. top 10 nanda labels for nursing students

    My Nursing 3 class made up t-shirts with the "top 10 nanda labels for nursing students" as a fundraiser... here they are, hope you enjoy them..

    1.Depression r/t lack of social stimulation
    2.Altered nutrition:more than body requirements r/t late night binges while studying
    3.Sleep deprivation r/t staying up all night to write drug cards for clinicals.
    4.Anxiety r/t waiting for test results
    5.Social Isolation r/t constantly assessing your friends w/fatal diseases.
    6.Risk for Injury r/t carrying 100 pounds of nursing textbooks
    7.Hopelessness r/t inability to write a care plan
    8.Risk for constipation r/t immobility secondary to long hours of studying.
    9.Risk for suffocation r/t holding your breath during test review.
    10. Chronic confusion r/t student inability to
    understand the Nursing Instructors.
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  3. by   hoolahan
  4. by   boggle
    Great use of Nursing Process!!
    also heard from students...
    -plan to marry Ted Hose, and name the kids Nanda, Noc and Nic!

    Best of luck to you your last semesters! Great nurses need a sense of humor.
  5. by   TracyB,RN
    Tooooo funny
    I also liked the names of the kids Hee hee.
  6. by   samrn32
    I went to school with a student who said she would name her
    daughters shigella and salmonella
  7. by   CarolineRn
    LOL!! Those are great! How about this one?

    Ineffective Individual Coping r/t sensory overload secondary to excessive demands of the nursing program as evidenced by student's crazed look and babbling speech patterns.