Too queasy to be a nurse?

  1. I'm considering a degree in nursing because I like the idea of helping people. However, I am really squeamish! I've been looking thru links from this forum to websites that show how to do IVs, catheters, etc. and I got so lightheaded I had to lay down. If looking at this stuff on the web makes me react that way, would you say I probably shouldn't be a nurse? Or is that just a normal reaction that everyone has at first but then you get used to it? Also, the thought of dissecting anything grosses me out. What do ya think? Find a different career?
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  3. by   Erica1019
    Well...thats up to you to decide, but personally, I was able to get over my squeamish-ness. It took a while to get used to it, and LOTS of understanding nurses, teachers, clinical teachers...etc.....but basically I started off by volunteering at a hosp., just tog et used to the setting, then when I felt ok with that, I moved onto a NON pt. care position, then a CNA, then to RN school....and dont get me wrong there are STILL times when I feel like Im gonna go down, but its so rare, and usually its ONLY when Im having to procedure. I also learned tecniques to help overcome the feeling, like squatting or sitting w/ my head down low, made sure I had a full tummy, etc......but definetly, I have improved so much!! Dont hesitate to PM me if you have any questions! Its possible to get over your squemaishness!!!
  4. by   TazziRN
    A close friend of mine worked for the college admin when she was in school; one of her duties was to type up things. She called me once and said she almost passed out just typing up the procedure for inserting a catheter into the bladder. Years later she was talking about much worse and it didn't bother her anymore.

    My 16-yr-old has shadowed me at work several times, starting last summer. The first time a floor nurse grabbed her to watch an abcess being lanced, and she ended up sitting on the floor. By this summer she was able to watch most things without flinching.
  5. by   BlueEyedRN
    I used to feel the same way. I couldn't change any baby's diapers except my own, even just peepee. All body fluids made me gag. But it was so weird because from the first day at the hospital for clinicals, I was fine. I cleaned up the bum of a huge man who'd gone number two without gagging once. Once I got home and started remembering it, I could barely keep my lunch and heaved a little, but while it was happening, I just focused on what I had to do. It's still the same way too. Reading about stuff makes me sick, but actually doing it is fine. I've talked to several other nurses who were the exact same way. I knew one girl who couldn't even change her own daughter's diaper, but never had any problems at work. Obviously things get much grosser and horrific than poop, but you just have to compartmentalize your disgust and focus on what you have to do. A lot of people do still have a hard time though, so practice keeping a straight face while you run out of the room.
  6. by   Ruby Vee
    no such thing as too queasy to be a nurse if you want it bad enough.

    my husband used to pass out at the smell of hospitals, or so he says. now he's a critical care nurse. me, i was never queasy about work -- but if the dog has an accident in the house, i gag while hubby cleans it up!