Times they are a changing.....CNN series elusive

  1. The CNN website has changed the times for the 3 part series a coulple of times.I had planned to watch it last night only to discover that the "talking head" that said it would air at 10pm eastern that night was talking about somthing that had already happend! I discovered this after logging on to the web site that said 8am,2pm,10pm respectively.NOW I FIND OUT THAT I'VE MISSED IT ONCE AGAIN! I've just logged onto the website and discoved yet a second different time with no referrence to the third part.
    How can people that want to see what all the fuss is about tune in?
    How exciting is media coverage though.
    The talking head just said 10pm tonight again.
    Somebody forgot to put batteries in him....pity.
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  3. by   JennieBSN
    This is exactly why I don't watch the Clinton News Network. LOL!! Try Fox News instead... .
  4. by   CEN35
    yeah kinda sucks.......so I assume its not on at 2pm today??? I was gonna tape it

  5. by   Nebby Nurse
    CNN special on nursing shortage part two which aired today should have been part two of the California CNA shortage. Al D. former housekeeper, now taking temps and giving bedbaths was in the spotlight today. An executive from Kaiser informed the world how this career ladder from welfare to work was going to improve the nursing shortage. I imagine Al will be doing IV push meds and hanging blood pretty soon. Does CNN know the difference between a nurse and a CNA? What a complete waste of valuable air time. I can hardly wait for part three which will inform the public on "How to protect yourself " when entering a hospital. They've already shot themselves in the foot by confusing Registered Nurses with CNAs!!!
  6. by   oramar
    Yesterday they interviewed what they called a supervisor. She actually gave a pretty good interview. Everyone was very fuzzy about what her actual position was. I get the feeling she was a ER nurse manager. So far no one has interviewed a staff nurse on TV unless it was a brand spanking new GN, it is rare in the print media also. It is perfectly obvious managment has no intentions of letting staff nurses near a reporter. Most likely anyone who speaks to them without sanction will be canned instantly. Some people do break the silence occasionally, when they do they know in advance their career is over.
  7. by   ERICUEMS
    ORAMAR-I watched the interview, and I though she was identified as a "Nurse Recruiter for the past 12 years....."
  8. by   oramar
    ERICUEMS, I thought I heard them say supervisor, though it went by so fast I could have misunderstood. However, they also showed her getting narcs out of the narc drawer and moving patients from ambulance strectcher to gurney. She also talked about working 20 hr shifts. When is the last time you saw a recruiter do any of that? However, they also showed her on the phone with prospective employees. As I say, it was kind of confusing.
  9. by   rck213
    The first part spotlighted a nurse manager of an Atlanta ER.

    The second part highlighted the "career ladder" program in California which is going to help solve the nursing crisis and promote diversity in health care. Excuse me, but wasn't it this same idea of replacement of licensed nurses with unlicensed personnel that helped drive us into the current shortage?????

    And CNN's use of the title "Nurse" for a nursing assistant shows that there still is a complete lack of understanding in what being a "Licensed Professional" means.
    Perhaps that is the way the powers that be want it so they can just get rid of all of us. So far I am very dissappointed in the series.

    Also, at 2pm yesterday, after part one, they interviewed the President of the California Nurses Association. She gave an informative interview of what the issues really are. Her interview was not repeated at 10 pm nor was the interview with the president of the ANA (advertised by the ANA) shown yet. [/LIST]
  10. by   oramar
    The only episode I saw was the 2pm on Monday. It was actually pretty good. I was really suprised that they had a California Nurses Ass. rep on it, they are loathed by the hospitals out there because they are so radical. I love the CNA however, I say if the truth is radical I want to hear it. I subscribe to Revolution magazine. It is sad CNN only played the CNA interview one time.
  11. by   Hypoxic Pixel Eyes
    I see I didn't miss much.
    They think that there's a story there, but they don't take the time to understand it's meaning.
    Maybe CNN is run by a company that owns some healthcare conglomerate....ya think?
    At any rate it's very good news that a major news organization would even send some flunkies to do some film in the first place.
    I have a felling some hungry young reporters will see what a weak effort this was and tell thier bosses to give them the ball.
    It didn't get us the exposure we want yet, but someone knows we're here now.