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Well imagine my reaction last night while I was at work and here comes DH and the House Supervisor to tell me he had to go home because he had MRSA and couldn't work until the facility MD evaluated... Read More

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    Originally posted by Jenny P
    Duckie, PLEASE don't hug me til you're all better! I'll add you to my prayer list; after all this time your pneumonia should be gone!

    There used to be a store here in Mpls that was called "Condom Kingdom" and they had costumes that were giant condoms that covered the entire body. Want me to check into one for you? JK, Duckie. Please take care of yourself.

    Aw, come on, not even one little hug??? Oh well, can't say as I blame you! I would like to clarify that both my husband and myself use gloves for all procedures and follow isolation procedures to the letter. We work with many Alzheimer's/ Dementia patients and we most likely touched something they had contaminated. Believe me, I am the glove queen. As stated in the above post, in LTC we do not isolate MRSA patients so something like this is bound to happen. One of the other nurses on our floor got MRSA in her finger after assisting to transfer a patient when we didn't even know he had MRSA and he was fully clothed. It's just one of those things that happen, but I am confident we are both being treated properly. Thank you eveyone for your concern but please keep us in your prayers as I really do want this gone ASAP. Love to all!
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    40%!!! That was a shocker, rncountry. I would have guessed maybe 2% at the most. (A good reason for me not to be an IC nurse.)
    I was shocked when I read how common it is that LTC's were colonized with MRSA.

    Statistics show that colonization is common in LTC's. Cultures show that there are different strains within the same facility even. They don't even consider it an outbreak until 4 infections have occurred. (RN March 1999, Vol. 62 no 3 page 39). Again referencing the article, "typically patients will remain asymptomatic and carry the organism for only a few days or weeks, though some remain colonized for months or years." So, I guess it would surprise me that nurses are ONLY colonized at 40%.