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From the other posts I have heard of nurses who mop floors, Clean rooms, stock, go through crash carts for out dated medications, bring food in and out of rooms, dust, wipe off stuff with wet rages... Read More

  1. by   pandora
    Hi Jenny P. I'm a UK nurse. Yes, we've all heard about the return of Matron to UK hospitals. The title is a bit misleading really because I'm told that Matron used to be an (often) formidable character who ruled, not only the nursing staff, but the whole hospital with a 'rod of iron'. She (it was rarely a 'he') has become something of a comedy character when portrayed in films and on TV. I came into nursing long after the demise of Matron.

    The proposed 'new' Matrons are being recruited to oversee the cleanliness and smooth running of the wards, rather than be a Dictator over nursing staff. Believe me, if you saw the state of some wards, you would see why we need to put the responsibilty back into the hands of senior nurses. It does not mean that nurses will be doing the cleaning.

    Like others who have given their opinion, I will clear up my own mess. I will not dust equipment or clean floors etc.,

    I go by this rule; would a doctor, physiotherapist or occupational therapist be asked to do cleaning? No, of course they wouldn't, and I'm just as much a professional as they are. People are paid to do these jobs and I don't see why nurses should 'pick up the slack'.
  2. by   funnynurse
    If you have lazy coworkers YOU WILL BE picking up the slack. I am always trying to be supernurse and am tired of doing everybody elses JOB. Maybe that is why I burned out?!