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i am starting to work third shift on the weekends. i have to work every other weekend and only get off one day a week. i want to have time with my husband and children on the weekends , so i chose... Read More

  1. by   angelbear
    When I worked 3rd in LTC the cna's I had got breaks but hardly any other down time. There were 2 cna's and myself lpn for 50 residents. At leaste in that facility if you had time to be bored you werent doing your job very well. Not meant as a nasty coment just the truth at leaste at most LTC facilities. Hope that helps.
  2. by   CoffeeRTC
    How about asking the nurse if there is anything for you to do. Even if second shift does restocking you might be able to check the supplies. I second cleaning the wheel chairs. Another is checking the bedside for supplies.... restocking creams, lotions and restocking urinals and bedpans.....or just making sure the resident rooms are neat and tidy...this can be done while the res. is sleeping if you are quiet. Good luck on 11-7s!!
  3. by   healingtouchRN
    wow, you are to receive kudos to work in such a large facility with so little help. We appreciate you !!!! :kiss
  4. by   GAstudent
    well where I work we have 120 beds 4 cna's , and 1rn at night. We have three dry rounds, pass out ice. So the way i figure
    Change First time at 1:30 , second 3:30, and 6. they all take an hour. We don't give showers on the weekend.

    I think that the wheelchairs is a good idea
    dirty linen, and things of that
    stock rooms with deo, shampoo
    clean the shower room
    clean a few resd. rooms
    check on lights..guess that is it
  5. by   FullMoonMadness
    Why no showers on weekends? When I worked in LTC,showers were scheduled, but also given as needed.
  6. by   GAstudent
    Don't know....I don't agree with it. The residents only get showers TWO days a week. I think that they need them every other day or at least three days a week......AS NEEDED..doubt it, they (co workers)would complain about it..

    I am PRN and only work three days a week and every other weekend. So of course when a PRN person says something should be done, it gets blown out of portion..Don't agree with it