Thinking about going into nursing

  1. I am thinking about going into nursing, but I'm not sure which route to take. I also want to hear people's comments about the profession because I want to make a good, sound career choice since I've already made one career mistake.

    Here's the story. I am 22 and complete my BA in Family Studies, Psychology minor, last May. I thought I wanted to be a speech pathologist, but after my first semester of grad school, I've found that sitting in a little room with one person hour after hour is not my thing. My undergrad degree does not qualify me for much without going on to get a Masters and I don't really want to do any kind of counseling.

    Nursing interests me because I love helping people and providing a useful service. I also like the idea of not being stuck behind a desk all of the time. Biology has always been one of my favorite topics, so I think I will enjoy that aspect of it. Since I already have my BA, I don't know if I want to go on for my BSN (3 more years), but it seems to hold the most prospects if I do decide to get my MSN or PhD someday. (I probably will) I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks all.
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    I think nursing is a good route, obviously. I also found that dealing with the same people day after day, hour after hour, was not my thing. But I did find my thing in the emergency department. A mix of walkie talkies and criticals. Lots of conversation and rapid turn over (usually).

    I took the BSN route because it would have taken me the same 3 years to do BSN or ADN (already had some things out of the way). It has worked out well. Now I am in an MSN program. Who knows what I'll do next?

    Who says at 22 you have to pick what you want to do for your entire life?? I didn't finish nursing school until I was 28. Goodness, has it really been so long ago????

    My husband is 46, has been an electrical contractor for at least 25 years. When we married, he decided that what I do is interesting and he liked my schedule (12's). So guess what he does on Monday and Wednesday? He goes to nursing school. When these kids are grown, we plan to travel together. Sounds like fun to me!!
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    Hi There,

    You sound a lot like me. I'm in the same boat only with an English Degree. I decided to go the ADN route especially since I plan on getting my Master's later. There are Master's programs you can take with a non-nursing degree later after you get your RN. Look into it and see what your area has to offer. I just want to get into nursing and start my new career as quickly and cheaply as I can. For me, jr. college seemed the way to go!

    I hope this helped!!!

  5. by   P_RN
    Instead of 3 more years for a BSN, how about 3 years for a MSN and an RN?

    Here is one example from MGH/Harvard that explains it fairly well:

    I believe Vandy and several more have similar programs.
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    Hi erbwjoy. Have you explored other opportunities besides nursing? There are many careers that are people-oriented that you can either sit behind a desk or stay on the go.

    Unless you're dead set on nursing, I recommend that you research other areas in health care that would allow you to achieve what you're after. If you've never had any experience taking care of anyone sick for any length of time, I recommend that you consider becoming a CNA first. Whether or not you decide to go into nursing or another health-related field, this would give you exposure to front line patient care which where the most need is now. As far as actual nursing education, I would spend more time researching the different nursing programs. I've seen a few ADN posters indicate that they have entered masters programs without a BSN. Best wishes.