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  1. Just read another article about money on Capitol Hill for nursing shortage. Every single state has money for nursing scholarships sitting unused in their bank accounts. The problems is that the people who want it to become nurses can't have it. They don't qualify. Throwing more money at the states won't do any good if it has the same requirements. Recent High School graduates only, age restrictions, can't have a previous degree. The population is aging we aren't going to find a bunch of young people who don't exist to take care of the older population. Middle age and healthy older people will take care of the old sick patients. So make money available to non-traditional students with previous degrees.
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  3. by   renerian
    I have five kids. Five of the seven in my family are in college. WE do not quality for any aid for any of the three kids in college as we make to much money. I liquidated my pension to pay for their school. My hubby has a good pension for when he retires. Was told we would have to be on medicaid to get grants or scholarships for nursing. WE tried. Sucks.

  4. by   Tweety
    Absolutely! I started Nursing School when I was 30 years old and paid for the entire thing myself by working at Pizza Hut. My dad loaned me $500.00 for books the first quarter to get me started, but I paid for everything after that.

    Isn't the average age of the nursing student late 20s anyway. I didn't know there was that restriction. Sure we want to encourage younger students, but it's not working to end the shortage to be so restrictive.
  5. by   emily_mom
    I have completely maxed out my loans in order to go to school. It pays my tuition, gas (drive 57 miles one way), and babysitter. I would NEVER be able to go to school without it. I will prob have between 15 and 20 grand in loans when I'm done....I agree it sucks!!!!!!!!