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Our coordinator last night kept sending every non-critical case from the ER to our floor (Med-Surg), until we were out of beds (we have 35 on our unit). Every nurse had 8 pts, except for the poor... Read More

  1. by   gwenith
    Patient nurse dependency systems are a PITA BUT they do stop this sort of thing from happening. YOu need to lobby to have thses intorduced ASAP. They are not the full answer and they are not a perfect solution BUT by measuring pt acuity with a few "critical indicators" they help to allocate staff better.

    An example

    every patient is allocated 1/3 hour nursing care as baseline as you clidk boxes i.e. mobile vs total assist medications counselling and 30 - 60 minute "procedures" Teh time requirement for nursing that patient rises so that at the totals can be allocated. This also means that the bay with the four diabetic patients on sliding scale insulin with antibiotics and involved dressings are not given to just one nurse but maybe allocated across two nurses.
  2. by   CseMgr1
    Management tells us:

    "Take CHARGE of your censuses!"

    "This is a TEAM effort!"

    "You are ALL doing a GREAT job!", followed by the inevitable:

    "We (who's WE??) are going to TEN-HOUR shifts, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!"

    And we ask: "Are WE going to be compensated for that?"

    ....To Which Management says: (Silence)...............

  3. by   sjoe
    "Don't blame the coordinator, blame yourselves. Taking nine patients with a 4:1 ratio is insane. Stop the insanity."