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at an icu unit, about a dozen of the most experienced nurses left suddenly. these were nurses who had been in that unit for years, the "backbone" so to speak. they left because the doctors were so... Read More

  1. by   gwenith
    I know I have said this before but it is worth repeating. Unless we, as nurses convince Joe public and by extension the bureaucrats handling hospital funding, that we as nurses do more than wipe fevered brows and hand out bed pans we will always be seen as expendable.

    One of our priorities as a profession is to change public perception and we can only do this through the media.

    Unfortunately voting with your feet, although it is sometimes effective it can also be counterproductive. I left a unit last year that had a habit of hiring new grad into ICU, and treating any RN with experience in another unit very badly. Real us vs them attitude combined with there is OUR way and the WRONG way. The new grads were given level 2 postions only a couple of years after they finished. The culture was intense and pressure enormous to submit to a rigid model of care with by the numbers nursing. This had developed into a "comfort zone" for those who had come new into the area so why should they buck the system? I tried to bring the problem to management - as I felt having ANOTHER experienced RN leave would make the situation worse - no go. Too many of "them" not enough of "us". The nursign care in that unit continues to deteriorate as the undertrained teach the untrained.

    It left me with a very sour taste in my mouth and a feeling of powerlessness as I am unable to be an advocate for all the patients who will be needing that unit - approximately 1/2 of the adult population of my home city.
  2. by   Rapheal
    Thanks so much for this thread. As a new nurse I have been abused by staff terribly. The hospital I work with has had trouble keeping nurses and promised me that they were dedicated to changing and creating an environment that supports nurses. I believed them and took the job.

    Well60% if the nurses are so wonderful, but 40% are making my life %$#@. My NM is nice, but ineffective in stopping the bullies. Interestingly, the bullies are the ones' who are screwing off and trying to direct attention off themselves.

    I have been reflecting in which direction should I go. I have another option available from a hospital that treats it's nurses well. I would be among friends who love working there and are hoping I will join them. They love the support they get. I did not want to take the other job because I will have a longer drive to work. But more, and more, I believe I too will express myself with my feet.

    I believe this statement to be true: ATTITUDE REFLECTS LEADERSHIP.
  3. by   funnygirl_rn
    Originally posted by SmilingBluEyes
    i doubt they will ever see the light across the board. too many nurses to recruit/steal from other countries yet. it's being done all over here. Nurses in many places are about as expendable the the disposable syringes/needles they use in their trade. It's sad but, In many cases, unless there is a union to protect you, you are considered VERY replaceable and a HUGE expense/liability to many hospitals..