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:confused: I just have to vent for a moment. Why is it that OT 's and PT's make more than RN's? Don't tell me it is a degree thing b/c many RN's have 4 year degrees just like MANY ot/pt's do. ... Read More

  1. by   EXOTIC NURSE
    First of all nursing has such a terrible shortage, your wish for higher educational entry is redundant. I feel if an Associate degree Nurse and a Bachelar degree nurse have to take the same state boards then why pay them more money. A bachelar degree in nursing is good only if you plan to go into management then you can make your money. If you are holding a Master degree in Nursing then you should be holding some type of Management or Teaching position somewhere not working as a floor nurse and expect to get paid more money just because you have a few extra letters behind your name. I am not saying any of you are floor nurses I am just using this as an example. I respect the fact that individuals go back to college and get higher degrees because I am doing it myself but I am not going to stay in the same position I am in now after getting it. You have to make your own way; if you don't like the pay, look elsewhere until you find someplace that will pay you the kind of money you feel is kinda of fair...................
  2. by   Huganurse
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    Job Number Title City Yearly Salary Date Posted
    FL2213455 LPN/RN $20,800.00 9/11/2001
    * FL2204362 LPN/RN $16,640.00 8/10/2001
    * FL2180078 CNA/LPN/RN $17,680.00 5/7/2001
    FL2177803 LPN /RN /EMT $23,275.20 4/27/2001
    * FL2177332 RN/LPN FULL &PART TIME $36,400.00 4/26/2001
    * FL2174184 P/T LPN/RN $29,120.00 4/16/2001
    * FL2171576 RN/LPN FT/&PT N/A 4/5/2001

    These were for full time positions. The RN rates are only a couple of dollars higher than what was posted. I know there are some better paying jobs in the area. It's no wonder people are not choosing nursing for a career. I find it strange that they would post such low rates when we are in a shortage that in some areas of local hospitals are at serious to critical levels for nursing shortages.
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