These firings are scary!!

  1. At first, because of budget cuts, the hospital fired 30 employees who were in positions like housekeeping, lab techs, pharmacy techs, etc. They even sent out an email to all employees to let them know they had to do this.

    Since then, I've heard of all sorts of other people being terminated immediately. No warning, no discussing what happened, no anything. A lot of these were because the employee didn't fill out a "Red Rules" test on the computer by a specified date. Prior to that date, we were emailed that it needed to be completed by that date or our badge wouldn't work. Instead, they let the employee clock in, work a partial shift, and then appeared to escort them out the door. Others have been done like that because of saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. Some have been because a patient or family member complained about them.

    In my opinion, I think they should talk to the employee first and get their side of the story. We all know there are patients/family who will exaggerate teh truth or make something out of nothing. For example, they may be mad because they had to wait 5 minutes for that drink they asked for but then report that the nurse didn't bring them something they needed. Well, the nurse could've been tied up with something critical and everyone else busy as well. Guess that doesn't matter what a nurse is doing if a patient's unhappy for not getting a speedy waitress.

    To me, it's just scary how they will unexpectedly show up to escort you out the door without any idea it's going to happen and you may be unaware that someone was not happy with something you did or didn't do or what they perceived you to do/not do.
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    Oh, and another thing...when they are walking nurses out the door, they don't even allow them the time to give report to the nurses picking up their patients. Total confusion for all! :angryfire
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    Wow! 109 views and not one reply, except my additions. Guess this doesn't happen anywhere else and no one's concerned that it could happen.
  5. by   SharonH, RN
    I'm not concerned. That doesn't sound like the type of place I would want to work anyway. When things get so bad that you have to feel anxious about your job perfomance and/or security all the time, it's time to go.
  6. by   Antikigirl
    I have seen this type of situation before in places where I have worked...and frankly I didn't last long in them because I don't go with the whole fear motivation deal...I simply find a new job and get the heck out of there! If employees aren't respected enough for what they matter their jobs (in hospital all work as a team or nothing could get done!)...then out the door I go because I am worthy of respect for what I do and give!

    That company is shooting itself in the foot! Word will get out that it is an impossible place to work for, and they will have no one left to hire! Patient loads will become impossible for lack of employees, patient complaints will occur, nurses will get the brunt of it all like always..leading to burn out and emotional stress...and then and only then MAYBE they will change their policy...maybe.

    I would get out of dodge, before that happens to me or the subsequent events I just mentioned drive me insane!

    I have left a few jobs because of poor management and administative policies that hurt the employees. And get this...once I leave, a bucket load of others do too! I don't know what it is, maybe I am very stuck in my opinion about respect for what I do and myself as a person (and others!)...that I have the strength to leave and be one of the firsts to do it! It is not a joke, once I leave...I see other employees of that facility in the mall or something and they said "oh yeah, so in so and I left a week after you did!".

    How can a person ever wish to enjoy their jobs, improve, and find a reason to share good thoughts and compassion when that dark cloud of doom over their heads from management covers any glimpse of blue skys or stars???