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So every week, something gets added to our workload. And of course, "It only takes a few minutes!" But they never take anything way. And all those "few minutes" add up. At what point does... Read More

  1. by   carolmaccas66
    I've said for years we need a world wide strike, or an all country strike, to get people to realise all those minutes add up.
  2. by   sweetnurse63
    Quote from BunnySan27
    And ironically all of these "little things" that get added every week its always for night shift like we don't have enough to do already.....when are we gonna have time to take care of the actual patient...but I guess long as the paperwork looks good, everything is okay.
    Wow you are sooooo right !!!!! They don't care about the patients, they only care about their scores with the surveyors.
  3. by   Mom2boysRN
    Yes, and it's Tuesday which means our weekly nurses meeting, that delays starting our shift by at least 30 minutes. So we will be told everything we are doing wrong, what they are adding to our documentation or whatever else we need to make sure we are doing, AND we better be out on time! It's very frustrating to me that they add and add and add to the documentation they want us to do and then crab at us that we aren't getting out on time! Plus they are making us work with fewer nurses per patient than they used to.