The two minute catheterization! - page 2

I saw the knife from the corner of my eye! The knife was pretty long and wicked looking. The woman on my right holding it was mad and was barely two feet away. On my left, stood another woman... Read More

  1. by   spotangel
    Have you not heard that truth is stranger than fiction? The facts are all in but my writing style is questioned as did this really happen? Just so you know, it did. I have plenty of strange situations that I have experienced that I write about.Peace!
  2. by   Petra100
    Lol. Thats home care for you Have many stories like that. Glad nothing serious happened. But its amazing what you can do (and how fast) when you have to.
    (Like putting in a midline in a college dorm, while the patient started seizing and the mother is freaking out)