The study needs to make a connection between nursing care and lenght of stay

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  3. by   oramar
    There is a link inside this link that takes you to a list of local hospitals so you can see how yours did.
  4. by   Mijourney
    Hi oramar. I agree with you. But, you know it will be a long time, before they admit that its the nurses that are the "bottom line."
  5. by   oramar
    It is amazing that someone could write an article like this without even mentioning nursing care. They say they are clueless as to the reasons behind the varying degree of readmissions. Is it really such a mystery?
  6. by   P_RN
    For what it's worth, I wonder what their impression of a SC Nurse responding to the editor? Wonder if they'll print it?

    Look for the phrase "penny wise pound foolish" and you'll know they printed it.

    Thank you for e-mailing a letter to the editor of the Pittsburgh
    Post-Gazette. We read all letters with interest. Because we receive many
    more letters than we can print, not every letter can be published. If we are
    interested in publishing your letter, someone from the editorial page
    department will be in touch with you by telephone in the next few days to
    confirm authorship.

    If your message contains an attached file, please know that we avoid opening
    these due to the possibility that attached files can be used as sources of
    virus transmission, often unintentionally. If you wish to submit information
    to us, please copy and paste the content of the file into the body of your
    e-mail message.

    Thanks again for writing.

    John G. Craig, Jr., editor
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  7. by   P_RN
    Hmmmmm I guess my letter got some attention!

    This is Christopher Snowbeck writing from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
    Thank you for your comment in response to the hospital performance story.
    Do you know of any local nurses who might be willing to talk with me about
    staffing problems in local hospitals? I am regularly in contact with
    several sources in this area, but could always use more. Thanks for the
    help and feel free to send along comments/suggestions at any time.

    Christopher Snowbeck
    412 263-2625
    Soooooooo. Now it's time boys and girls to fill this young man in on what NURSES think. Oh and thanks.....MY local gal reporter is STILL getting responses!

  8. by   Mijourney
    Hi P_RN. Glad to know that there are nurses from the south who are not afraid to publicly verbalize their concerns. It seems that besides the nurse educators at certain schools in the south like the U. of GA and Vanderbilt, nurses in the south either don't speak up or don't get press like the east, north, and west coast nurses do.