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  1. Hello fellow nurses.....
    I am a newcomer and feeling a bit down today. I was fired from my third job in 6 months. I am/was a RN PM Shift Supervisor at two long term care facilities and tried my hand at teaching in between. I am not even sure if I was actually "fired" from the teaching job. The first supervisor position I was employed with for three years and that is a long story. Riddled with politics and back-stabbing, but the final straw was my refusal to chart something that did not happen, as instructed to do so by my DON. I am feeling so overwhelmingly sad about the state of nursing, or what my perception is of it
    I am honestly ready to go to work at Boston Store, or even shovel horse $#@&, instead of dealing with what is going on in nursing today.
    This last position, actually fired me twice. The first time was b/c one of the nurse managers had a beef with me and wanted me fired. She actually went as far as falsifying medical records to make it look like I had made an error. When I pointed this out to the DON and Administrator, they decided not to fire me, but made it clear to the other nurse manager to back off. Well, I made a few more errors, I forgot to write one order and the other order did not get faxed to the lab. I need to be more mindful, but this is an incredibly busy place and I am not used to having to do US work. I seriously hurt my back on Monday when I tripped over a wheelchair. How absolutely embarrasing. I called in on Tuesday and they wanted me to go into the doctor, since I did it at work. I was not interested in receiving Workman's Comp, but that is all that the employer seemed concerned with. Not once, did they ask me how I was. The DON even made a snide remark, "How on earth do you hurt your back, tripping over a w/c?" I walked into work yesterday and found my name crossed off on the schedule, but above it was written, "is supposed to be here." I tracked down my DON and asked her what was going on. She said, I was working. Then I asked the scheduler and she said, I was on, she made a mistake. Five minutes later, the Administrator pulls me into his office with the DON and fires me. "It is just not working out."
    Any support would be appreciated, I am feeling pretty crapped on right now. I am well respected by my peers and subordinates, I am a hard worker and my patients love me. I miss my patients and this is all just so unfair. SORRY SO LONG. How do I even apply for another job and explain what the heck has been going on!!!
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  3. by   gr8rnpjt
    I saw what you wrote on the other post, and looked up this one to see what was up. It seems you have had a run of bad luck, but there seem to be some personality conflicts at work here. but the bottom linie is, you can't use your references unless you lie about being fired. I am not sure what you should do, I had a personality conflict only once in my life with a superior. I ended up faxing resume's out like crazy and got the heck out before it got worse.
    Ask a trusted co-worker from one of your jobs what he/she perceives as the problem, and keep an open mind for the answers.
  4. by   RazorbackRN
    I think I would seek legal advice if I were fired within days of an on the job injury.
  5. by   Antikigirl
    Sounds too familiar with my experiences working in LTC/ALF. It is sad! So many great nurses are so mentally/emotionally/physically/spiritually abused in these facilities just for being someone who cares! No wonder people get upset with nursing all together when things like this happens! If this is the experience people get...why care anymore tends to be the phase after anger!

    I finally came to the conclusion that I was better than that, in charge of my own career, and left places like this in the dust! They weren't worth my time and my heart! Sadly jobs weren't as available in my neck of the woods so I took a chance...something that combined everything I like in any job...flexiblity, choice of going back or staying, choice of hours/days/shifts...I chose agency!

    I was scared actually at first..but got use to it actually quickly (and was very proud of myself!). I chose when/where/how I worked..and that built up my confidence quite a bit! I found a hospital that I absolutely adored (which floored me since I hated hospital love it!), and hired on full time and loving it!!!!! No politics like LTC/ALF here since I signed on to be a floor nurse and nothing else (I don't want management...then I WOULD find the politics!).

    That may be something to think about. I found an agency that did have benifits with full time work, paid better than the facilities I was working for, got gas money, and for me...I didn't need to even go out of a 30 mile area! NICE! I actually enjoyed it, and the fact that if I had a bad day or didn't like the place...I simply finished my shift and never went back with no complaints from the agency (they understood!).

    Don't waste your time on places like the one you described! Get out, and take your career by the reigns and go towards a rational job goal! I did and am very happy now!

    OH yes and legal help for the injury...we had three CNA's get injured on the job and they fired them with a denial of workers comp, and unemployement! Took forever with even legal help for them to get the money they rightfully paid into and deserved!!! (I didn't know a company can deny workers comp or unemployement!?!?!).

    BTW..I really think part of the supposed "nursing shortage" isn't the shortage of is the shortage of facilities that treat nurses decently! Nurses shouldn't and many don't work at places that treat them poorly so it puts up a persona of not enough nurses in certain facilities...and instead of addressing the probelm..they just blame a 'nursing shortage'. If this doesn't get addressed in facilites with poor treatment of nurses...there will be a nursing shortage because who will bother!!!!!!!
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    Quote from RazorbackRN
    I think I would seek legal advice if I were fired within days of an on the job injury.

    :yeahthat: :yeahthat: :yeahthat:

    Absolutely. I can't believe this happens..wait, yes I can. I'm so very sorry this happened to you. All we try to do is our jobs, to the best of our ability....and our work is seriously undervaluedby "adminstrators" who also have zero respect for nurses in general. How absolutely pathetic.
    I can't imagine how you must feel, but you will find better employment elsewhere, I'm sure.
    Get some references from people you trust, and best of luck finding another job!!!