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I am not sure if there is any other thread similar to this one but I am just curious what is the most expensive, silly and /or least expensive gifts/ freebies you ever received from your hospital??... Read More

  1. by   LPNbrea
    My administor raffles off all the food baskets donated by vendors, etc. given to the facility.
  2. by   joyflnoyz
    This year's generosity beat last year's <$10 gift card>

    Ta DA! NOTHING! Not even "well done this year"

    Onoy a demand that I work a scheduled day off in order to get PTO for the 2 days I requested (I said NO)
  3. by   HelenofOz
    daughter got $100 gift voucher for quality department store (she works for a tv station)

    son got flown interstate and accommodation for work Christmas party (he's manager of a trendy clothes shop)

    husband got picnic backpack (you know the ones with wine glasses, plates, cutlery etc, and filled with snacky type foods) he works for the Port authority

    I was really going to bag out my illustrious leaders until I remembered that this year they did pay for the staff Christmas party-not spouses though, (usually we have had to pay our ticket as well as spouse, which really got my goat as doctors & their spouses were free) unfortunately I was unable to go due to prior committments, so my loss this time.

    Long service presents-wine glasses to 2 people, neither of whom drink alcohol due to religious reasons. Mind you, they'd only been there 20 years each.
  4. by   peeky
    The funniest...a huge white plastic rain slicker with the logo on it-looked like a big garbage bag!
    Actually I keep it in my trunk, so it isn't useless,,but funny all the same.
  5. by   debthern
    this year topped it off, I got a candy cane wreath as a gift from all 3 of our managers...
  6. by   ebear
    This is cracking me up!!!!
  7. by   Liberty Bellpn
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the belly laughs!
    Couldn't sleep after my shift--and this thread has been hysterical.
    Oh God, I have tears running down my face. I think I just woke up the boyfriend with my howling!Merry Christmas and goodnight!
  8. by   GrumpyRN63
    Nice canvas camping chair w/cup holder and carrying sack w/hospital logo, foldable picnic blanket w/carrying straps, canvas totebag w/ hospital logo--( all for different years for nurses week ) $10 gift certificates to various establishments, bookstores whatnot. From ten years on (and each 5yrs after )we get a catalogue to pick from, the best thing I picked was a coleman rechargeable lantern.I loved it, took it camping, great for electricity blackouts. The cheapest was nothing or a single white carnation for nurses week,the funny thing was they were ALL from the same hospital !!!. The best bonus--as a nurses aide, we got a week salary for xmas bonus,and every 30 consecutive days worked you got a day's pay extra. This was at a nursing home, I thought at the time, wow can't wait to get my RN, if the aide's are treated this well.....was I in for a surprise
  9. by   ebear
    GrumpyRN, you are such a hoot!!!
  10. by   twotrees2
    Quote from Shantas
    I am not sure if there is any other thread similar to this one but I am just curious what is the most expensive, silly and /or least expensive gifts/ freebies you ever received from your hospital??
    The most expensive gifts I ever got for my hospital is a bag with the hospital logo on it and the least expensive is those plastic fruits....they were just promoting health and well ness....I just wished they would give us lots of pen!!!
    the most expensive gift was from a home health agency- they gave us really good quality jackets for fall/ spring - with linings and nice color and very comfortable ( of course with thier name lol) - cheapest was a cheapo calculator with a few pieces of candy attached.had one place not even give us anything too - but dont countthem lol.
  11. by   twotrees2
    Quote from Conrad283
    I have yet to receive the best thing.

    The cheapest thing I got was an angel to hang on the christmas tree from the VP of nursing and to top it all off ... I'm Jewish!!!
    oh i recall one gif cracked us all up - our administartor - got us all 20 min phone cards lol. ( in the day and age of cell phones and no cost long distance ) we all gave ours to the very very few who didnt have the luxery of cell phone. lol. it was the thought.
  12. by   twotrees2
    Quote from pagandeva2000
    I never received a crazy gift from anyone at my hospitals, but I witnessed some; one was a clerk gave a nurse a VERY used old pen that had no ink, and one of the social workers that sold Mary Kay found some old, molded samples of make up that she proudly gave as a gift. Sheeh...
    i gave a gift for nurses day to my nurses ( when i was charge at the nursing home) - it was a coin that had the nursing creed on it and was quite nice. not the most expensive - think it was like 4 bucks a piece or 3 lol) but it was really nice and everyone loved it. the pm supervisor and i would often buy on fri pizzas for the staff just to say thank you ( mostly her cause i wasnt there every fri but i chipped in when i was able lol)
  13. by   twotrees2
    Quote from sonicnurse2b
    @ my hospital for birthdays they give us a discount coupon to OUR gift shop w/ a very long list of exclusions, truly everything is off limits ... including candy, soft drinks, cards, etc. We all get a good laugh @ this wonderful gift!!
    fr bdays- they announced over the speaker system that it was so and sos bday and to say happy bday as you come upon them, i was not happy - i told em that next time at least they could get permission-