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assigned me charge tonight... have i ever done this before? NO do i know what im doing? NO (well kinda) have i ever been trained? yeah, someone showed me for about an hour once.....6... Read More

  1. by   grouchy
    Let's start a new thread re: "What do you get paid for being in charge?". At my hospital it's $1.00/hr. Like someone else said: not worth it.
  2. by   -jt
    Thanks L2T. I was about to tell the poster that she completely missed the point of the story but you explained it perfectly.

    That and the fact that because I have been in this business for 20 yrs I am not naive eough to think that being in charge is about making up an assignment. Nurses work in a punitive environment & when something happens, the charge nurse is responsible - even when she wasnt the one who did it. I prefer to take care of my pts & be responsible for them & myself only.

    I do not want to be left holding the bag along with someone else just because I was "in charge" that day. Having to be aware of everything that is going on with every pt & every nurse means YOU have to answer for all of it & be responsible for all of it - which was the point of the story - and what I can do without, thank you. I am supportive, an excellent role model, and a leader in my unit but I sure as hell dont need to put my license on the line by taking charge in order to be that. They dont pay me enough for that risk or for the aggravation of playing Mommy to every MD in the place. Some nurses NEED to be that. I dont.

    Ever read the job description of the charge nurse? Does that nurse who took charge (essentially took the whole floor) plus her own 10 pts have any idea of the ramifications to her should somebody else do something not quite right and something happens to a pt? Or a doctor or visitor makes a complaint? Or she inadvertently delegates the wrong thing to the wrong staff person? Shes down the tubes with whoever the culprit was because the staff, & the pts are all her responsibility. Why would she accept such a thing? Being in charge means a whole lot more than filling out the assignment sheet & being a "role model". No thanks. The $30 extra for the shift isnt worth the trouble.
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