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I'm so sick of regulatory oversite by out of touch idiots!!!:( We have a 2 doors to our med room. They used to let us prop the main one open but a year or two ago they put those stupid code... Read More

  1. by   meownsmile
    I guess we are lucky and only have narcs locked in the back of our med carts. I think in your case though i would take a stack of incident reports and set them handliy next to or in the med room and write one up with the time each and every time someone tried to get in and couldnt get the lockset to work properly. They find a stack of those on their desk and they HAVE to address it. It wouldnt take long from what your post sounds.
  2. by   Mystery5
    I got a nice response from my manager. I have a great rapport with her and am not worried at all about what I put in writing. I work at a very healthy place without a lot of shenanagens. She's going to look into getting it fixed.

    Regarding the Picus, I worked at a place that had those. They are a worse pain in the neck than that door and a locked drawer, IMO. Plus, I love doing the narc count. It's a precious time with my fellow nurses. We really share some good times, confidences, and workplace news while doing it.

    We don't have med carts, we have nurse servers where I work. They are outside the pt rooms and have all the meds there except the narcs. I love the nurse servers, they are another great thing about my workplace!
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