1. It was verry gud to read all those information u have provided about SARS.

    actuallly iam a new member in here could you please tell me if there is a particular topic u talk about every week or every day coz i have to know this for my assignment and i cant find it anywhere on this board !!!help!!

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  3. by   Agnus
    Nope. No one particual thing every day or week. As you can see from the many different topics it changes and even within a given thread it changes.

    If you look though the archives you will see some trends and things that keep resurfacing. There are some perenial topics that do this from time to time. Like the debate over entry level education ie LPN, ADN, BSN etc. Staffing issues, respect for nursing, problems dealing with management etc.

    I guess what you will find are that we use this board reguarly to gripe (let off steam) To get advice, to validate ourselves, to sing the praises of nursing, to laugh, to celebrate triumphs, to cry, to sovle problems.
  4. by   nimbex
    yes, our lives, any and every part of them with each other, IMHO
  5. by   rola
    welcome here ,I am also a new member and Ireally enjoy being here sharing ideas and concerns
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    Welcome devia and rola!

    Our newsletter come out about every two weeks, usually has a topic discussion and lists most frequent posts. You can read and sign up here:

    Otherwise members post about topics that interest them, work frusttrations, etc. Jump in, add your 2C's and join the crowd!