Thanks be to you'all - page 2

Thank you my friends collegues, brian, and everyone on this board. You allow me to vent. You answer my stupid questions, you pat me on the back and you give me appropriate doses of humility... Read More

  1. by   Agnus
    You know I was thinking that many of us know each other pretty well in someways. I'd be willing to bet some of us know each other better than the nurses we work with. It is so nice we can let our hair down with each other the way we do.
    brian has no doubt put a lot of work into this board. I like many of you have looked around at different boards from time to time and this is the most sucessful the most active and current.
    I always know I'll get a speedy reply to any thing and you guys have not failed to answer any question with accuracy.
  2. by   jacolaur
    I am fairly new at this site. Everyone's closeness and support for one another has brought me back over and over..I'm just starting to come out of my shell and speak up a little more in I was pretty silent for awhile) and it has been so positive..I can't wait to get to know others better and become more and more part of the "family of friends".
    What a great place to be....thanks for letting new comers feel so welcome....
  3. by   mattsmom81
    Ditto to what everyone has said, including Agnus!

    I appreciate this BB immensely!! Thanks Brian!

  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I got your meaning, spelling errors and all .......we do care!
  5. by   CMERN
    YES...Ditto and thank you all...this is the one place to come where I feel understood,can ask for help,..or just vent...THANKS!!! FROM ME TOO!!!!