Texas Nurses

  1. Are there any nice community hospitals to work at in Austin, TX or in a town nearby? I know nothing about TX that I can't see on a map or that exists outside of DFW airport .

    Nurses making suggestions, please specify the unit where you (or the person you know) worked/works.

    I have not ruled out working at a teaching hospital, so if you worked/work at one in the Austin area and enjoy it, please give me a heads up.

    Thanking you in advance....
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  3. by   JWRN
    Though I have never worked in Austin, I have been there many times...I live in San Antonio...I do have a friend that worked at Brakenridge Hospital and seemed to enjoy it....This is a teaching facility, not sure how many beds. It has adult hospital and fairly large pedi hospital....It is also located downtown and right by UT campus..Remember to keep in mind that UT is the largest self-contained single campus in the nation there are at least 55,000 students, not to mention the capitol and legislative buildings, guess I am trying to say beware of the traffic, take it into account when looking for place to work...
    The hospitals I know of are Brakenridge (part of Seton), St. David's (HCA/Columbia), South Austin medical center (HCA/Columbia), North Austin medical center (HCA/Columbia. Seton also has another hospital but unsure of where it is, they also have rehab facility in Austin....I think your best bet would be to go to internet (www.austin.com) or (www.austin360.com) and look at the healthcare info....to learn what hopsitals are there...Good luck with the job search...Welcome to Texas or welcome back if you have lived here before........
  4. by   shay
    Thanks so much!!! Glad you live in San Antonio, 'cause that deals with my next question...

    How far away is San Antonio from Austin? My husband's job would be in Austin, so would it be feasable for us to live somewhere in between the two cities and for me to work in San Antonio if I don't find anything I like in Austin?

    Thanks for the website links. I actually visited the Austin360 link and liked what I saw of the Seton hospital. Question....wasn't HCA/Columbia in trouble with the joint commission a few years ago?
  5. by   JWRN
    San Antonio is about 80 miles further South on I35, through San Marcos and New Braunsfel, I35 through there is in the process of being widened, which actually they have been doing something to I35 from Austin to San Antonio since I have been living here in SA. So a commute would be long, but doable, it would get old pretty quick. I would suggest working in Austin. Living between Austin and San Antonio is an option depends on where in Austin your husband job is....though...San Marcos is about 30 miles from Austin...and about 35-40 miles from San Antonio...so it is close to being in the middle. There are many good hosptials in San Antonio...but I think that Austin might pay a little more.
    Columbia/HCA was in trouble the CMS (HCFA) the people that control the medicare/medicaid reimirsements.
    Hope this helps.....Welcome to TX...If you are moving from the north you will really like the weather a majority of the time here in south TX.....