Tending to an ex???

  1. Have you ever had one of your ex's end up a patient of yours? I would feel so uncomfortable having an ex as a patient! Especially one that I was engaged to at one time in my life. That would just be too weird.
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  3. by   z's playa
    Should that ever happen just tell a colleague and ask them to take over for you.The care you give to the pt may be compromised and affected by your past relationship.
  4. by   nadja9
    I agree. You would need to let your charge know so the patient could be reassigned. could see that as a conflict of interest.
  5. by   elkpark
    It has long been considered ethically questionable in healthcare to treat a family member or other person with whom you have a pre-existing (including past!) close relationship. As the other posters noted, if that situation should arise, the most appropriate thing you can do is ask not to be assigned to that person, and I can pretty much guarantee that whoever is in charge of making assignments would agree with you and assign someone else.