Temporary work permits

  1. For all of you that have been complaining about foreign nurses coming over on temporary work permits and taking positions so that hospitals wouldn't have to fix their problems. You can rejoice now. The H1B visa, which was used by the nurses, the quota was officially filled yesterday for 2004, which means that the only way that they can come is by a green card, or immigrant visa. This means that English skills must be equivalent to that of a native born speaker. They will be able to get a job where they want to and not where the recruiter told them they had to work. So this will definitely help everyone. This is what I have been pushing for all along. :hatparty:
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  3. by   fergus51
    Canadians are still able to come on the TN visa though aren't they? I know they aren't really that "foreign" but they are still tied to a hospital for immigration purposes from what I understand.
  4. by   suzanne4
    The nurses from Canada fall under the NAFTA agreement, which gives them the TN. However, effective this July, they will need to have completed the Visa Screen like any other foreign nurse through CGFNS. I know that they aren't counted under the H1B system, but any more than that would have to come from the Embassy. I am only involved with nurses wishing to get a green card and move to the US. This new ruling passed my desk this morning, and I wnated to make everyone aware of it. I am very much against nurses being used as a commodity by many of these recruiters, just a body for money. So I am quite happy with this new ruling.