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do you think with the low cost of cell phone plans, is it neccesary to have a home phone? assume the following: 1) you do not need a phone line for internet access. 2) where you live,... Read More

  1. by   aimeee
    originally posted by kewlnurse
    i never have, and never will meet a human being who needs a cell phone.
    well, what is needed really beyond enough food to fill one's belly, clothes and shelter to keep us from freezing? i guess we could debate that on a philosophical thread.

    i really prefer to talk over a regular line but i have found my cell to be extremely valuable in hospice home care. it is rare that i can get speak with a physician immediately and the cell allows me to leave a number that i can be reached at whenever the dr. can get back to me. nobody likes to play pager tag.
  2. by   NurseDennie
    I agree with Heather. I don't know if I'd consider it a NEED up there with air exchange, nutrition and hydration, but I Need my cellphone. I think we should be issued them at birth! Sure, it's a luxury, but the way things are going, every thing that makes life easier, I'm in FAVOR of.

    I have been at work (where I do have an office phone, but I spend a lot of time NOT where my phone is) and had a call on my cellphone where my daughter has gotten sick at school.

    One day pre-cellphone my daughter was driving her dad to work and was "rear-ended" in our little corolla by an expedition. Needless to say, the corolla did not emerge victorious. The plan was for my daughter to drop off daddy, go home to get the other daughter and take her to school. I'm already at work (I was bedside nursing then). My younger daughter waits and waits and waits. No cell phone. By the time she was able to reach me at work, she was almost hysterical with worry. And me too - I ended up calling the 911 dispatcher to find out where my people were!

    To tell you the truth, my daughter at home, not knowing what had happened to her sister and dad suffered more than the two in the wreck!

    Nope, I wouldn't go back to not having cellphones.


  3. by   4XNURSE

    What a breath of fresh aire you are. I love reading your posts.

    CEN35, kewl,

    Do you (or I) need a phone at all?

    As I see it, needs are on different levels. I will keep the home, hard line phone. We keep a active toll free number, so that our children, parents, and other selected loved ones can call home at any time. From Wal-mart, School, or across the country.

    Since I have the home phone, I use the DSL connection for fast access. I don't need to have cable, - computer or TV, so I don't. Some folks do.

    I could survive without my home phone. I could survive without my cell phone. Why bother. They are both well within my affordable budget, and make my life more managable. Why not use the things That I have at my disposal to make my life easier?

    I could live in a tent, or a mud hut. Some folks do. I could live on beans and rice. Some folks do. I don't have to so I won't. I even take my rolling home, portable TV, and cell phone on camping trips. Because I can.

    Will somone please define "need" ?

    just my $ .02