team nursing....

  1. tell me how it works on your unit as far as pt assignment/ tasks etc. : )

    ours is gearing up for some changes, and i am interested to see how it is working out for everyone else.
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  3. by   ashleyjean3
    We have a 35 bed Surgical unit, 6 of the beds are considered SICU beds. We usually have 3 teams on the floor. Each team has one RN, one LPN, and one Tech or 2 RNS and a Tech. The first nurse does all the assessments and charting, the 2nd passes meds and does treaments. On the weekend we usually only work 2 teams so they end with about 15 patients each. The team nursing works well for the most part. You have to be sure and have the strong nurses spread out and not on the same team. New grads are always the 2nd nurse. Teamwork is key and some people are poor team workers. You have to remember if something goes wrong it is not just that one person who will recieve discplinary action but the whole team!
  4. by   P_RN i posted this way back in 2003.

    teams: divide your patients into 2, 3 or 4 teams. we had 30 patients so we had 3 teams of 10 patients. what's more important the room numbers never changed. team i was rooms 1-10, etc.

    i an rn an lpn/or rn a cna
    ii an rn an lpn/or rn a cna
    iii an rn an lpn/or rn a cna

    there was always a charge nurse (rn) who checked off orders, made rounds c`doctors, put out fires etc and made the next shift and next day shift assignment.

    every patient had an rn, every patient had an lpn/rn (usually lpn though) and every patient had a cna.

    the first rn was the team leader, she did the initial assessment, she did the treatments needed early in the shift, the lpn passed meds first rounds,
    at second med rounds the two licensed usually split the rounds.

    the cna got all the vitals recorded the i&o and helped with all the baths. as far as vitals i mean routine vitals, the licensed people handled post op and post procedure vitals.

    having 10 patients meant you had the potential for 10 new patients during your shift, i never had it happen over once. but 3 people can handle new patients in a team a lot better than one nurse alone.

    it also meant if you had no dischares you go no admissions. now everyone would always lend a hand if a team pod was in trouble, lke a code or a violent patient. just remember pod only 10 for 3 workers. mesmerizing isn't it.
  5. by   Cardiac-RN
    thanks for ur replies!


    anybody else??