Taking a nursing sabbatical

  1. For about four-five months while I attend grad school, stay home w/ my 9 year old and just generally catch my breath for a while.

    I feel guilty, but my spouse and I can afford it, and I just need a break in a really bad way. I've only been a nurse for about 4 years ...but I'm exhausted. I really disliked this last position ... I also feel I just havent' found my niche yet.

    Iv'e been working also every weekend ...I need a break from working every single weekend.

    So, will my career survive this? I might do some travel gigs, and then again, I just might not. It's only 4 months.
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  3. by   Medic2RN
    You could always get a PRN gig and work as little or as much as you want.
    Best wishes to you and enjoy your time off!
  4. by   SummerGarden
    i do not think you will find anyone who is not supportive of your choice to leave nursing temporarily or permanently on this forum, especially if you are financially secure. in other words, if your hubby loses his job tomorrow it does not impact your family greatly because the two of you have income coming in from other sources to care for your family. otherwise, you may be shooting yourself in the foot.

    many spouses have lost jobs, had wages cut, and/or are underemployed and depend on the nurse in the relationship to work full-time with benefits. if the nurse in the relationship is unable to work (due to being out of the game for too long), then the family suffers. good luck to you and your ability to quit!
  5. by   NaKcl
    working every weekend can do that to you. It will be hard to manage your family life style. Maybe taking a long break from work can clear your mind. I changed my status to per diem and cut my work hours because I was tired and frustrated at my working conditions. I now work a few days in a month and I am much happier. I have time to look for different opportunities in nursing and I still have a job that i can work more if I want to. this way I am not wasting my time and money I spent in nursing school. Hope you enjoy your time off with your child.
  6. by   SlightlyMental_RN
    I'm a big believer in taking a break. Why not check to see if your current job will keep you on as PRN? You say that you're not crazy about it, but how about having the control to say when you will or won't work? Also, it would look better to future employers, as then there wouldn't be a gap in employment.
  7. by   jahra
    Enjoy being home with your family. You have worked for 4 years so
    you are an experienced RN improving your professional development
    by studying for a MSN. If you can arrange a prn assignment that
    would keep you working without a break on your resume.

    If you are exhausted, 4 months is a short amount of time. So if you
    need the break. take it. You have seen how demanding a nursing job
    can be, so taking a break could give you time to think about what
    nursing specialty/job would be best for your needs.