take out school loan even if I do not need to?? - page 4

Hello, I am wondering I can afford to go to college without taking out school loans. I would be going for my associates' degree. However, I have been wondering should I take them out anyways and... Read More

  1. by   TX Guy
    Great post!

    With all due respect I would highly discourage you from borrowing money you dont need. That is a cardinal financial rule. Im confident your financial advisor will tell you this.

  2. by   Coytoy
    It might be good to pay for as much as you can until the money runs out. I did it this way and only owe less than 5 grand. My new employer will pay $2600 for tuition reimbursment and pay for my NCLEX review class. All this after orientation. My classmates and I were surprised when we learned during our last semester of school that there was almost $1000 in graduation fees. That hurt.
    Some of my friends quit or flunked out of school and still owe for their student loans. Some of them used the money for things that were not related to school such as Christmas presents. Since they had the student loan money they used it. Now that they are not in school they still have to pay it. So it might be best to avoid tempation. Good luck.