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  1. Does anyone use a key or symbols instead of signage above resident beds as a dignity issue? If so what symbols do you use and for what items, example--NPO, aspiration precautions, fall risk, dehydration risk....? Thanks for your help in advance
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  3. by   Nancy1
    At my previous facility we used color coded dots. It was helpful and we used the same color codes for all units in case someone was pulled to another unit.
    Hope this helps. NA
  4. by   ecb
    The best ones I have seen (from different places) were;
    A bee drinking from a flower for Nectar thick
    A bee on Honey Comb for Honey thick liquids
    A spoon at a cup for Pudding thick
    A Star for fall precautions (people with a Gold Start get extra checks on rounds)
    A water drop for Hydration protocol (force fluids)
    the cactus for Fluid restrictions
    and a Bunch of bananas for Diabetics (ketones, we remember, and the Aides remember only fruit for a snack)
    and a Blue dot for DNR status (if you don't see blue call code blue)
    I have seen up and down arrows at the head of the bed for siderails (with them cut in half for 1/2 SRs, )

    I do not remember many more, I am sure there are more
    will come back later if I do remember

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