swelling 24 hrs after PPD in 3yo

  1. Hi,

    I took my 3yo daughter in for her first PPD yesterday (about 26 hours ago). Today the incoulation site is very red and swollen (about 15mm). I know it is 48-72 hours before results should be interpreted but I was wondering if this could be a positive test or if it could be irritation from the injection? She keeps telling me that it hurts.

    I just had my ppd 2 months ago and it came back neg. not sure if my husband has ever had one (he was born and grew up in Korea). We livein Alaska where there is a higher occurance of Tb than in the lower 48.

    The medical side of me (MA and EMT) knows that I should just wait until monday but the mom side of me is worried. I guess I am just looking for reassurance. Feel free to tell me that I am totally overreacting!

    Thanks for your comments. (also posted this on the pediatric board)
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  3. by   psychonurse
    Having been a TB coordinator for many years you have to know the difference between swelling, redness and induration. Induration is like a lump under the skin and the swelling is different. It takes a period of time to learn how to read them, but if you are concerned, you can always take your child to the hospital and have them checked.
  4. by   nurseygrrl
    Your daughter's reaction doesn't sound like a positive PPD to me. I get the same sort of reaction after a PPD and I was told that it is a reaction to a component of the serum. I wouldn't worry...Let us know how you make out!
  5. by   career seeker
    Thank you for your replies. I am taking her back in to the pediatrician tomorrow morning to have it read. Today her arm is still somewhat red (about 9cm x 4cm) and the red area is slightly swollen but not as much as yesterday. There is a knot right under the site of innoculation about 1-2 cm. She really wont let anyone get a good look at it. She has really sensitive skin so I am hoping it is just an allergic reaction.

    I will let you know what they say tomorrow.