1. I have been wondering about ways to expand my skills.......
    In the past I have worked in family practice offices where there have been lots of procedures performed (lesion removals/cyst removals, etc). I was wondering if any of you have been trained in suturing. How did you get those there a specific this something nurses can do in all you have to be an advanced practice nurse to be able to suture?

    thanks in advance for your responses!
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    OK, does anybody know where I could go to find this info??

  4. by   Zee_RN
    oh, yikes, no sorry! Don't have any idea. I do know that in the group of pediatricians my children went to, only ONE of the three doctors did suturing. Nurse practitioners can suture. I don't know if other personnel can. Maybe check with your state board of nursing ... check the nurse practice act... I'm not really sure. Sorry! [Wanted to reply, though, so you knew you weren't being ignored; just don't know the answer!]
  5. by   BlueBear
    I work the ED in NJ and nurses do not suture. That is usually left to the PA's as the attending and their residents don't have the time. Of course, it it is a bad facial lac, plastics will be called in.
  6. by   nicola
    I have no comment on suturing, but wanted to compliment you, ShellybellyRN, on your great choice of avatar! In a world of Elmo, I still adore Grover!
  7. by   CATHYW
    I worked ER in FL and GA, and have never seen, or heard, of a nurse suturing. However, I worked ER in FL with a nurse who had been in the Army in Vietnam, and she said that they were permitted to close wounds after the physicians had performed surgery, in order to expedite the next case.