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  1. by   Gardengal
    Like JT I work ICU and have regularly employed the use of the ethics committe in similar situations. Ethics committee is very helpful when we have family members who disagree in end of life decisions. We also have a few staff nurses involved in the ethics committee in addition to MD with a masters in medical ethics, legal, social service, pastoral care, and a couple of board members, nursing educators and managers. Typically a consult to the ethics committee generates a visit from the physician lead of the committee who offers suggestions. Policy decisions go to the whole committee and patients and families who want more discussion time and support get that from some of the pastoral care, nursing and social service members.

    One nice thing about our ethics committee is that it is an avenue we can use when there is a physician who will not speak to the family about end of life decisions and we all believe that the situation is hopeless, or when the family is voicing a wish for withdrawal of treatment when everything looks promising clinically. A consult to ethics when there is disagreement with the MD can be done by anyone and is non-punitive.
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