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  1. by   KMSRN
    Have been oncology certified, OCN - Oncology Certified Nurse, since 1999 and soon to be certified in palliative care, CHPN - Certified Hopsice and Palliative Nurse. The oncology certification test is quite difficult, so anyone planning to take this test should spend some time with the Core Curriculum and other study guides. Certification can be maintained with ceu's.

    Certification, like any other educational/professional achievement is something to be proud of - and there will always be those who are threatened.
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  2. by   Mariah
    I have been certified in nursing informatics for about 6 years now. Any others out there?
  3. by   Squirrel
    CNSN: Certified Nutrition Support Nurse
  4. by   JWRN
    I am CCRN in Adult Critical Care and have my CCNS in Adult Acute and Critical Care.
  5. by   Heather56
    how did you become certified in nursing informatics?
    I have a BSc in Health Information Science but have had a hard time finding informatics programs in Canada for Nurses.
  6. by   wrightgd
    COHN-S: Certified Occupational Health Nurse Specialist
  7. by   NurseKimberley
    does anyone know how an LPN can get gerontology cert.? and also mariah, what does it take to get anywhere in informatics? i know right now i'm "just an lpn (lolol lpn's)" but i'm interested in informatics and was wondering what i'd have to do...
  8. by   Mariah
    One gets certified in nursing informatics via ANCC which is accessible via

    From the ANCC catalog:
    At the time of application, the candidate must:
    1. Hold a baccalaureate or higher degree in nursing or a baccalaureate degree in a relevant field. Relevant areas include: science, (biology, anatomy, physiology, etc.), professional disciplines (engineering, computer science, psychology, physical
    therapy, etc.), or academic liberal arts, (mathematics, english, philosophy, history, etc.);
    2. Hold a currently active registered nurse license in the United States or its territories;
    3. Have practice as a licensed registered nurse for a minimum of 2 years;
    4. Have practiced at least 2,000 hours in the field of informatics nursing within the last 3 years;
    a. Have completed at least 12 semester hours of academic credits in a gradu-ate program in informatics nursing in informatics courses (e.g., computer pro-gramming, information science, systems analysis and design, management of infor-mation
    systems) and have practiced a minimum of 1,000 hours in informatics nursing within the last 3 years;
    b. Have completed a graduate program in Nursing Informatics that includes at least 200 hours of clinical practicum. NOTE: for candidates who meet this requirement, please disregard item #5 pertaining to having 30 contact hours of continuing education.
    5. Have had 30 contact hours of continuing education applicable to the specialty area within the last 3 years. Author/presenter credits are allowable but can account for no more than half of the contact hour requirement. Author's work must be in a refereed publication. A combination of continuing education and academic credit hours are also acceptable. Contact hour credit will be allowed for attendance at professional meetings that include content appropriate to informatics nursing practice. Independent study that has been approved for continuing education or academic credit is also allowed.

    To find out more about nursing informatics, some good sources are: (includes a list of schools)

    To get into informatics, two ways - either education or
    get a job related to informatics such as training users at your hospital about the computer, etc. If you start with education, then get the job. If you start with the job, then you probably need the education. Education is becoming more and more important. I started with the education and then got the job. But everyone's story is different.
  9. by   JeannieM
    Sure am! CCRN and CCNS
  10. by   judy ann
    Yes, I've been certified in Inpatient Obstetrics since 1986, and in Fetal Monitoring since 1997. This gives one an RNC. Unfortunately, my employers neither paid anything for me to take the exam or to keep it up. They didn't pay a bonus for my having the certification. Why did I do all this work and spend all this money? Self Esteem, and worth every second and every penny.
  11. by   clatrn
    Yes I am certified in PeriAnesthesia Nursing (CPAN) and plan to test for CAPA (Certified Ambulatory PeriAnesthesia Nurse) soon. The hospital where I work gives a bonus and a raise for certification. A group of nurses at work formed a study group and then took the test together. We all learned a lot in our study group and it was great when we all passed! I am proud to be certified.
  12. by   pabamick
    No I am not a CCRN, even though I have been a critical nurse for 28 years. As a single mother of 3 children I didn't have the time or the money to get a certification that gave me no monitary gain till resently. Just before a union vote my hospital added ed days and pay for speciality certification to prevent the union from coming in. It didn't work.
  13. by   NurseKimberley
    Hey speaking of certs, does anybody know how someone can get a 'staff development director cert'? I see offers something like that, but it would involve quite a trip for me--anybody know of any other options?