Super Excited BCIT LPN Entrance Exam please help!

  1. Okay so I'm new here and let me say I'm really excited .... I just set up my testing date for the Burlington County Institute of Technology LPN program "BCIT", I am a little nervous about the test because I have been out of high school for five years. Can anyone tell me what the test is like and maybe some like sample questions on it. I am going to take the test in five weeks and any help would be greatly appreciated. Can you guys tell me what to expect and would you suggest doing the two year night program or one year day. Any advice really would be great at this point! Thankyou so much in advance! :heartbeat
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  3. by   tyandgil
    Currently, I am enrolled in the LPN program, but at Sanford Brown College. It was like almost 15 years out of high school for me, so to take this entrance test was really intimidating, but to be honest, I passed with flying colors. I'm no test taker and I'm one to freak out about tests, and for not knowing what was even going to be on the test, it was high school stuff. On my test, I had mainly questions with simple math, basically converting cc or ml to ounces and stuff like that. Reading paragraphs and then answering questions off of them. It's more time consuming than anything. On the other hand, I chose to do the 1 year day program, because I'm wanting to do the bridge program to RN right after. I'm in my 30's so I didn't want to be tied down in school for over 4 years. Best of luck to whatever you decide and on the exam. It'll be ok.
  4. by   Elektra6
    I took this test in 04. It was on a computer and basically high school level reading and math. I bought a book for the LPN entrance exam and went over the math work but I don't think I needed it. It was basic math including basic algebra, reading comprehension and grammar. Took maybe an hour. I took Camden Cty's entrance test too and theirs was MUCH harder. It was so hard there were loads of people there taking it 2 and 3 times. When I was notified I passed I almost thought it was a mistake!

    I went to BCIT's day class in Medford and graduated July 05. It was a great experience. I really enjoyed going there and the instructors were terrific so I can recommend it. At that time, the night class was going through several instructors and they were unhappy. I hope they have solved these problems. I don't think you can go wrong with either program. The school is excellent!

    Best of luck to you !
  5. by   MrsJersey
    I don't see how I missed this post. I start the day program this June (super excited!!). But the entrance exam is just like all the other posters said. Basic math and reading. Once you pass the entrance exam you are pretty much in the program, especially since you are doing it so early. So just stay optimistic and good luck to you.
  6. by   PTYME
    Is it too late to apply for the day May 2010 class???...If so, how often do they start new day programs??? Once a yr?...every 3 months???...Plz help!!!!!!!!!