Summer vacation

  1. Anyone else having trouble with summer vacation requests being denied due to staffing/scheduling problems?
    I say ramp up the agency scheduling in order to grant the much needed vacations for our staff nurses!
    Kid's are off school for 3 months in the summer! Of course some vacations will need to overlap!
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  3. by   MicheleRN2000
    Between May 26 and Sept. 1, employees are allowed 14 days of vacation, PDO time. My vacation isn't until Sept. 6, so I miss that, but yeah, vacations can overlap. It's not our fault that they don't hire enough people to staff the floor. I'm sure the managers and stuff get their vacations in. Our nurse manager doesn't take a team or help out when we're short, but she sure takes her vacation time! Oh, well!!!!
  4. by   nimbex
    yep, only one person per shift out at a time for vacation. One week each during prime time, then if no one is taking off, then you can ask for it... the requests went by seniority.

    But.... just asking for a day or two off lately, pre schedule posting has resulted in a big NO, which resulted in my calling in....
  5. by   grneyes676
    Vacation?? Hmmm........... I may have to look that one up in Webster's.....
  6. by   altomga
    I take vacation same time every year! We are very short staffed like everyone else..I told my manager that I WILL BE TAKING MY VACATION WHETHER OR NOT IT IS APPROVED b/c I never call out sick, pick up extra shifts, etc...
    We all need a break!!! The managers ,etc. always take vacations or days off during the week...
    I was ready to take this higher up if the schedule came out without my vacation....!!
    It is the managers problem to fix the staffing, not mine!
  7. by   healingtouchRN
    we have JCAHO coming in July so I can't do anything before then. But watch out in August I think I'll take 2 weeks & see how they suffer!!!!!! I need a break can ya tell? Now that my co-worker is ill, I'll be picking up more than one extra shift....I see it as I look into my crystal ball!