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This week has been "national nursing home dump in the ER week". Happened over mother's day too. Kids go see their parents/grandparents that they havent seen since christmas and all of a sudden... Read More

  1. by   Rapheal
    Where I work they call it the "granny drop".
  2. by   GeriatricNurse
    As a LTCF nurse I have mixed feelings on this one..I dread sending my residents out of my facility for ER visits and only do so when absolutely necessary. (when the physcian won't respond to repeated calls being a big reason) They often return worse for having suffered the lengthy travel time and long wait. We're an hours drive from nearest hospital. What makes me crazy is often the hospital staffs lack of concern....first question "whats the code status" second "how old" Have actually had ER nurses rant/yell about wasting their time . Aging is not a disease . The elderly population still deserve our concern. I do not have stat lab or x-ray services available. Often I am closer to my residents and know them better than than their families, when there is a significant change or acute trauma sometimes they need acute asessments. Often a untreated UTI can be very serious for debilitated geriatric Pts, and they're not always as obvious as fever, pain a confused resident. As for families demanding ER's my job to educate them on choices/needs and hopefully keep someone in the family involved all the time even if its via telephone. I spend ALOT of time on the phone. I feel for you but the real victims in this are the elderly....sounds like abuse for families/inexperienced LTC staff to treat them like that Good luck with recruiting some staff .
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