1. any suggestions for freshman college student going into nursing?
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  3. by   Disablednurse
    If you do not have good study habits, find someone or something that can help you develop good study habits. Nursing courses are hard and you need to be able to devote time and be able to stick to it.
  4. by   vangmice
    humm...i think i might just have trouble taking notes...any suggestions on note taking?
  5. by   sjoe
    I would suggest that they post such queries on the "student nursing" forum.
  6. by   Flynurse
    A taperecorder helped me...untill I learned what was just fluff and what is hard evidence. Another tip I was told by my fiance, who was an adjunct professor at a college, is that professors/instructors tend to repeat the more important points at least twice if not three times.
  7. by   GAstudent
    *I would say to get a taperecorder and listen to the lecture when your driving down the street, taking shower, brushing teeth, cooking, etc. That way in case you missed something you should get it all.
    * If your teacher will allow you then get a digital camera and take pictures of models, bones, sheep brains, etc and come home and print them out and label them or if the teacher labels them take the pictures with the labels.
    *Make notes on notecards once you get home and go over notes from class. When driving down the road and your stuck in traffic or at a red light or in line at the store etc. look at the cards.
    *Also when your teacher tells you to remember a model in the book. Take the picture to a copier and white out the labels then read the book and study the picture and labels. Then a few days later see if you can fill in the blanks.
    * Make practice test.
    *Always go over your quiz.
    *Always read the full chapter twice and take notes while doing it.

    Hope this helps.
  8. by   GAstudent
    One other thing. I know that sounds like alot and a little to worried about school. But if you think about it and all the little time that you can have to study helps. I have two kids, a husband, and a job and all of these tips keeps me with a VERY PROUD 4.0

    Also if you work. REad notescards on lunch break or when you are not busy.
    Are you married with kids and a family and career? If so remember to keep time for them. If you have kids when you get home from work be with them. But while cooking listening to that taperecorder helps. If you have to then you'll just have to do with staying up later at night to study or miss out on something on the weekend. If I have a big test coming up and i want to go with my husband on the weekend to his moms to take my boys to ride motorcyles I have to stay home and study for a while. Sometimes I will go but i take my study materials with me.
  9. by   unikuelady
    #1 Find out if nursing is really for you. volunteer at a hospital, be an orderly, nurses aid or even a candy striper. Do this at least 2 days a week for a month working 12 hour shifts. Observe the staff-especially the nurses. If you look forward to going after a month...then nursing is probably a very good choice for you.
    #2 Write a list for yourself on why you want to be a nurse. If making money is high on the list-then nursing is not for you.
    #3 Get as much experience with your clinicals. Request the difficult and unusual cases. It's alot more work-but it will put you at the top of the class in all areas.
    #4 Explore all areas of nursing. Always have an open mind.
    #5 Take care of your health. Eat healthy. Sleep is a must!
    #6 If you have a family....remember to acknowledge them every now and then.
    #7 Good Luck
    (advice given from a married mother of 3 working part-time while going to nursing school)