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  1. My biggest fear is being overloaded with work and not having enough time to study. Our 2 year college nursing program has a extended program. Students can lengthen their program beyond the 4 semsters. Our general academic are biology 1 & 2 & medical microbiology, english, history, math, psyc, soci, communications (english), and nurition which seem easy because I can choose my classes and won't feel overloaded in work. How much study time do you'll have everyday and can we choose what classes we take in Nursing 1101, nurs 1102, nurs 2204, nurs 2205.
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  3. by   P_RN
    I'll say this as my program was done 30 years ago. For over a calendar year I did not see my two children 3 & 5 AWAKE! I studied all the time.

    Every waking hour that was I was not in class or working was devoted to studying just Nursing. And this was in 1973!

    I had done all the prereqs my first two attempts in Nursing school.
  4. by   Berta
    I am in the same situation. I decided however to knock off all the biology, math, science, etc.. before I entered the actual nursing classes. I start them this coming September. I have two kids ages 3 and 8 and work parttime. I find study time anytime I can. I sometimes get up an hour before anyone in the house does. Some other tips include:
    1. Go to the library. This forces you to study and not attend to things going on at home.
    2.Tape record your classes. They can be listened to while folding laundry, dishes, etc.
    3.Type your notes on the computer so they become neat, organized and compact. Print them out and take them with you. I've studied mine while waiting to pick up my kids, wait for appointments, and while waiting in line.
    4.Ask your teachers for study guides.
    5. Shut off the phone and the internet. Don't let the distractions get to you.
    6. Tell your kids that you have to do homework just like they do.
    Good luck, Berta
  5. by   moviefan
    I'm with you, Berta! The library (or somewhere else at school) is a GREAT place to study. There are no distractions. I have three kids at home, and studying with constant interruptions is hard. The only place I can really study at home is the dining room, because there's no television calling me!