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  1. I'm a first semester ADN student and today one of my instructors showed us a list from her RN Update of RN's who have had their licenses revoked for one reason or another. My question is...what would be reasons that your license would be revoked? Many of us were asking the instructors, but they were just as baffled as we were. For a couple of them, it has been years since they have actually worked on a floor caring for patients and said that many problems nurses have or mistakes they might make are handled with remediation and/or disciplinary actions, but not revoking their license.

    Does anyone have any thought on this? I would like to be able to tell my classmates what could lead to revoke of your license so we'll be sure never to do that. I would think it would have to be something pretty bad......

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  3. by   Little One2
    -stealing money from patients
    -working under the influence of drugs, and alcohol
    -abusing patients
    -usually when patients complain about the RNs to the board and the board finds the RN guilty
  4. by   Tweety
    As scarey as it is the # who loose their license is low compared to the number of nurses overall. But the state boards are brutal.

    Drug diversion is probably one of the most common reasons people loose their licenses, and this can be temporary if they are in intervention

    Conviction of a felony

    Med errors

    Practicing outside your scope of practice.

    I work with a nurse who lost her license when she gave Ativan to a patient without an order. The order was Ativan while intubated. The patient had just been extubated, and the doc had a fit and made a big deal of it. She lost her license for a year.
  5. by   LoriAnnRN
    3rdShiftGuy-you serious about that? Seems way too harsh to me. Was the patient harmed?
  6. by   Tweety
    Yes it was harsh. I think the doctor was a jerk and the hospital went after her without support.

    The patient did so much better. In fact, it prevented her from being reintubated. But the fact of the matter is there wasn't an order to cover her and the doc wouldn't give her one. It devasted her. She's back, but not the same, ever so cautious. Calls docs for laxatives and mylanta.
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