student nurse looking for online guidance from the pros!!

  1. I am currently enrolled in my first year of nursing school (at Douglas College in New West. B.C, Canada) and one of my assignments is to find a nurse to correspond with over the course of my program. I heard through a source that this was a great site to meet experienced nuses, and was wondering if anyone was willing to help me!!! I'm interested in hearing about some of your experiences from the hospital that make your job interesting, and knowing about how you made it to where you are now....

    Thank you so much, and i hope to hear from someone soon!!

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  3. by   whipping girl in 07
    You can PM me if you like to chat, ask questions, etc. I don't really post unless I'm not working, but I will get back to you as soon as I can.
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    You can pm me too if you want. I am also in BC.
  5. by   JustMe
    Hi Ashley--congratulations on making it into Nursing School! You have a tough road ahead--I know because I'm a clinical instructor for our local ADN program. Nursing for me was a "calling"--even when I wanted to quit, a little voice kept telling me to continue and I wouldn't regret it--and I never have. I was lucky to find my specialty early--my other job is cardiac intensive care. I love the patient teaching I can do because sick hearts aren't necessarily on vents and IABPs. I also love 2:1 patient ratio--doing EVERYTHING for my patients, from titrating their drugs to putting them on the bedpan. I also love the toys I get to play with--Swan Ganz caths, vents, IABPs, pacers, etc. And one thing I tell my students: when you get tired of one specialty, your nursing license takes you anywhere with just a little on-the-job training. And your license takes you anywhere in the world! What an opportunity! Best of luck to you--the light at the end of the tunnel isn't visable just yet, but it will be soon!
  6. by   fedupnurse
    PM me anytime, I check in at least daily, if not a couple times a day. Don't let my screen name scare you. I love what I do just HATE SUITS!!!!!!!!! Good luck in school!
  7. by   ashleydawn guys are all great!!