Student Nurse Looking For Textbook Advice

  1. HI ALL,

    I bought most of my books new from the campus bookstore and paid through the nose. One of my faculty members gave me a website where they are 50% off but they seemed like old books. can someone look at the site and advise what else might be helpful for a new student.

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  3. by   nursesarah
    the website seems to be down. but im pretty sure that elsevier publishes some nursing textbooks and nursing journals.

    another great place to find textbooks is on ebay, if you know how to shop on there. as well, consider advertising at your school if possible. at my school we had a computer program which is like an internal network for all nursing students. many many ppl post books they need to buy or are willing to sell. also, consider posting on a bulletin board somewhere that you're looking for certain books.

    keep in mind that you dont necessarily need to buy the latest edition of a book. while i would hesitate to buy anything thats more than 2 or 3 editions old, if someone wants to sell something to you thats the previous edition...its often good enough.

    just my two cents
  4. by   BonnieSc
    Check out, which searches many different online bookstores (including half and amazon). Use their ISBN search function to make sure you get the right edition, if that's important to you.
  5. by   sister--*
    I saved myself between $250 - $350 dollars this semester alone on my Son's Fall Semester University books by using Amazon.Com.

    One book arrived 1 wk. after the start of the semester. That's the only "glitch" I found.

    What you must have to get the "right" texts from the internet are the ISBN numbers. Most major universities post them with their class requirements on their web sites.

    My daughter attends a community college. Unfortunately, her instructors arn't required to list the ISBN numbers on their sites. They are required to only provided that info. to the local college book store. Sadly, her books costs considerably more than her brother's.

    Another nice thing about saving all that money is that....the University's book stores WILL buy my son's books back for the going rate even though he didn't buy them there!!!
  6. by   mandana
    I bought all of mine on amazon, but not through the retailer, per se, but the section where people sell their old textbooks. I saved a fortune!

  7. by   DaretoDreamRN
  8. by   AuntieRN and also works. And yes elsevier does publish nursing books. I believe they are a part of Mosby's or vice versa. Oh yeah someone on here once posted that Walmart can get you nursing textbooks cheap too.
  9. by   dragonflyaltoids
    I have had the same problem. However, I usually go to the bookstore and I get the ISBN number its the number on the back of the book on top of the bar code, the edition number, and authors name. Then when you're looking for the book on the web you can't go wrong if you have the ISBN.
    The websites I use are, and barnes and noble.
    Hope this helps.