stress level in my department is getting to me

  1. This is my first post and I am sorry it so long. I love my job in the cath. lab. But I am having two issues I need advise on. First I am the person with the least experience - 2+1/2 years in the lab and 37 as a RN. The staff is a mix of mostly RN's, 3 LPN's and 6 AD Paramedics. We are a large lab and usually run 25 to 30 cases a day. The gossiping and back stabbing levels can many times go through the roof. The PM's are not happy because they do not earn as much as the nurses and are not allowed to administer any medications. Well, that is the job they applied for. In hospital care involves whole patient evaluation not just emergent care. I respect their knowledge but the wide range of serious meds. we give requires a nurse. That is what our hospital and the nursing board has decided. Our daily "schedule' of patients is triaged according to the time needed for a case or taking a room for a acute MI, etc. So schedule is a very loose term. Some people will get a copy of the schedule and if they are lucky enough to have cases that do not go to angioplasty or they do not get an acute patient then they consider themselves "finished on time" and do not really want to help the other teams finish out the day. Mind you they are still on their scheduled hours - this is not overtime. There have been arguments about this WITH A PATIENT ON THE TABLE - BEFORE SEDATION WAS GIVEN! The last time it happened I went directly to my manager and told her I was going to HR and write a report on the person if something was not done - so the person was given a verbal warning. Our patients are anxious as can be and that is such unprofessional behavior. The mind games they play are so tiresome. There are enough decent staff that you usally have one other person on your team that is human ... or the Gods smile on you and you have a great team. Believe it or not 98% of the time wonderful, highly complex and comforting care is given in our labs. My second problem is I am a perfectionist and am very,very hard on myself when judging my performance. It is mostly the paramedics that jump on me for the most minor mistakes and make sure all within earshot know what happened. Example: I accidently threw away a package we need to save for inventory. Now this would have been quickly discovered and it was but I was treated like I made a serious mistake. During the next case another a nurse with much more experience did the same exact thing and not a word was said. Everyday I go into work with the attitude of ignoring the insanity. I also give myself a list of things about my performance I would like to improve on and a list of procedures I have not assisted with enough. Even after all the time I have worked there I know I can continue to try to do a better job.
    But I cannot seem to ignore the negative comments - they really bother me. They even give me garbage about the perfect neatness of my draped table - but the MD's love it. I have received very good evaluations that have gotten better each time. I have even gone as far as to ask a respected nurse, that has always been fair and honest with me, if I was a good match for this department. She told to stop beating myself up that I do a great job and she even noticed how I try to continue to improve. I feel like this is a case of bullying that has me in tears by the end of the day. How have other people handle this type of situation? HELP!
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  3. by   Batman24
    Stop being so hard on yourself. Clearly you are an excellent employee given the comments of a respected nurse and your evaluations.

    People that are jealous of your title, salary, etc. will often lash out just like has happened here. Pay them no mind. If they know they are upsetting you they will do it more.

    Continue to report the unprofessionalism. You are totally within your right and are acting as a good patient advocate.
  4. by   Dental Hygienist
    Hi, I'm not a nurse yet, but I just thought I'd chime in because this sounds like a classic example of jealousy.

    I know that when you are being treated poorly, it just doesn't feel good. Period. But maybe it will help you to understand that these "bullies" aren't critical of you or your skills, they are just plain JEALOUS....they don't think you're bad at your job, they WANT your job. They wish they could be more like you....that is almost a compliment (in a weird, unhealthy way).

    You may be getting more "bullying" than other staff because, quite frankly it works on you. They can only make themselves feel better by making you feel worse, and they accomplish that when they direct their mean-ness at you....other nurses have figured out how to let it roll off their will too, eventually. It won't make it any easier, but when they don't get the response they want, it may taper off a little bit.

    You sound very conscientious, don't let a few bad apples ruin your career.
  5. by   pagandeva2000
    What are PMs? Paramedics? There are some places that will remain toxic no matter what is done, but I am totally against these arguments happening to the poor patient who is about to go under sedation. If I were a patient witnessing this, I would be scared out of my wits! I would wonder if someone would mistakenly hurt me while I am unconsious and have no control.

    If you have the support of the supervisor, physicians and other nurses, that may go a long way, because at least, they trust your judgement and see that you care.
  6. by   KrissyPRN
    harley007 it sounds like the same situation I deal with at work. There is alot of back stabbing, jealousy, and inappropriate behavior. Like you I am also a perfectionist and I am very hard on myself. I have decided that I basically will go to work to do just I know without a doubt that I provide the best patient care possible to my patients. I have decided I will not let their comments bother me and in turn I try not to get caught up in the back stabbing and gossiping. I do make my thoughts on the inappropriate behavior known to the proper people. Sometimes it is very difficult to work in a toxic environment. I wish you the best!