Strange Facial Sensations

  1. OK, here's the legal clause first....I'm not asking for medical advice, recommendations diagnosis, or treatment.
    Here's the deal, at karate tonight, I was flipped by my instructor, and I landed wrong, sort of on my shoulder/neck and then a MAJOR blow to the side of my face as I hit the concrete. (My face was the only thing that didn't land on the mat). I didn't quite see stars, but I felt like my brain had been rattled and immediately got a headache. Since class finished, the side of my face has felt sort of numb, and strangely burning at the same time. There's no swelling, but I still have a headache. No blacking out, continued with class, etc.
    Now...*IF* you had a HYPOTHETICAL patient with similar symptoms after a similar incident, what would you think was causing the numbness and burning/tingling? Has anyone every had a similar experience?

    Just curious, and yes, I know, no one can dx or advise me personally. So I am asking about a hypothetical patient.
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  3. by   EricJRN
    If I encountered a hypothetical patient who told me about said symptoms yet was not seeking medical advice, recommendations, diagnosis or treatment, I would be uncertain of what to say next. I do hope you feel better soon though.
  4. by   rn/writer
    We can't approach this post as hypothetical when we were told otherwise at the outset.

    Please, call your doc or NP and find out if you need treatment.

    Take care.

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