Stop The Insanity!

  1. There are times when you just know it's time to get a reality check. I must admit that I have a weee bit of a tendancy to lose touch once and a while. This thread is dedicated to those signs that you just need to get out more (or else take a vacation).

    In my case, I think it helps that my patients don't know whether their on foot or horseback anyway (I kid).

    I know it's time to slam on the brakes when I treat my cats like my dementia patients and my patients like my cats. Incidentally neither seems to mind much (I may be on to a new thing).

    When I start addressing everybody (and everything) as sweetheart, honey and my dear. Thankfully my people are patient, although I'm in a real risk of beginning to sound like Karen from "Will and Grace".

    I have missed out on entire summers because I've been too busy working to notice.

    My diet resembles a cross between that of a toddler and a teenager whose parents have gone away for the weekend.

    To quote Pink and HapeeWendy:

    I'm a hazard to myself!
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  3. by   RNinICU
    About a year ago, I had been working so much overtime that I had not seen my grandchildren in over a month. My daughter finally made her point by bringing them to see me at work. The five year old asked me if I still lived with Grandpa, since I was never there when they visited. That made me realize that I needed to re-evaluate my priorities.
  4. by   fedupnurse
    OMG!! RNinICU, she actually brought them to the HOSPITAL!!! I am in hysterics here!
    I went part time nights due to big time burn out a couple of years ago. I do extra shifts a couple of times a month. I do work with people who work way too much and I notice they just get so stupid. Stuff a lay person knows they will ask you about! So I would say if your coworkers start to look at you like you have 2 heads and you are too tired to realize what you are asking, it is time for a break!!
    She brought the grandkids to the hospital.........