Stay at home Dads??


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  3. by   Jenny P
    Dang, Roamin Hank, I thought this would tell how much they enjoyed being stay at home Dads.

    Seriously, it is a good article; but it goes back to the Framingham, Mass. NIH study; which (if I remember correctly) was only about men in the first place! The part about the bread earner womens' heart disease risk increasing 3 times over is also interesting.

    Now why do they rate the stay at home Dads' risk at 82% and the bread earning womens' risk as three times greater? Wouldn't that "3 times greater" be equal to 300% greater; or is my math fuzzy from being up too late? I have always wondered about how this type of statistics are published. Am I reading this wrong?
  4. by   nurs4kids
    lol..well, at least NURSES don't have to worry about falling into either of those two categories!